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I arrived at the church in time to see some photos being taken, this is the groom and his groomsmen (and yes, that includes the girls).

The nephew was very busy with his phone, but he wasn't in these pictures so that's okay.  The lady smiling at me is my aunt.

Now, about the photos taken in the church, first, the light was terrible!!!  and second, my camera battery was almost out, so that explains the crappy quality.  The crappy composition is all my fault though.

My brother walking his daughter down the aisle.  He refused to say he was 'giving' his daughter away.  So all four parents stood up and blessed the coming union.

Before we got to the couple holding hands, the grandmother's, then the parents went up to the alter and poured different colored sand into separate vases.  Finally the bride and groom poured sand into the two  separate vases.  Then they poured all the sand into one big vase.  I guess it's the Baptist version of a Unity candle (where the bride lights a small candle and the groom does as well.  Then they, from their separate candles, light a bit one in the middle).  Anyway (and here comes a bit of a rant)  the preacher was preaching along and we were all enjoying it, UNTIL the preacher started going on about how it is the role of the wife to submit to her husband's will...WTF?!?!?!?!?!?!  My other SIL was sitting in front of me, by her sister and they looked at each other as their (and my) jaws dropped.  My daughter was running late so she was sitting with my aunt (the one smiling in the picture above) and the first  thing she said to me after the ceremony was, "Now I'm ticked."  She wasn't too hip on the submitting to the hubby thing either. 

Anyway they looked lovely up at the altar.

After the wedding they took some more piccies, and I had to stick around so I took some too.
The bride and her parents.

The bride and groom and all her cousins on her dad's side.  From L to R, my daughter, my nieces, one bridesmaid & one flower girl, my niece the bride, the groom and my nephew.


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