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I am still waaaaayyyy behind on my LJ-ing, but it's getting a bit better. 
When last we left off, the wedding had concluded, now it was time for the reception!!!

Arriving at the incredibly difficult to find country club where the reception is being held (thank goodness for GPS), I saw this lovely bit of sky.

Then I reached the door to the reception hall and there was my nieces' "official" bridal portrait.  Apparently when this was being taken, my SIL was standing behind her in the mud making sure she didn't tumble into the lake!

Some of the decorative bits (see the lovely shiny apples?) and cake!

And yes, the second layer of the bride's cake is a camo print.  Why? Because my  niece has been able to shoot the head off a turkey from over 200 yards since she was 10 years old.  The groom's cake was a blue star, I can only assume it was because he is a big Dallas Cowboy's fan.

My daughter and I went out to congratulate the newlyweds while they were outside waiting to make their grand entrance.  After hugging the niece and nephew, I noticed something out of the corner of my eye, and went to photograph it.  Apparently, according to the daughter, the niece said, "Look, now she's going to take a picture of the tree."  Well, yeah, I can see why she thought that.

These are my only siblings, my two older brothers.

First married dance!!

A bit later in the evening when a good time was being had by all, my cousin (who is 5 days younger than I) and his girlfriend decided it was time to call for their ride back to the hotel.  I think she may have been right, look at the cousin's new way of wearing his coat.
My brother looks on, this was taken mere moments before he informed the cousin, "Dude, your coat's on inside out."

Before I left, someone (and I have no earthly idea who) took this family portrait for us.

From L to R, Cousin's wife, cousin, father of the bride, my aunt, my floating head (once again proving I'm unable to behave when a camera is pointed AT me) and my daughter.


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