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Hey, I can hear you groaning out there! :-)

From here on out, there are not many people pictures.  The day after the wedding, a Sunday, I drove to my friend's house to spend the rest of my trip there.  She's been my dearest friend for over a decade, and I adore her and her place.  It is, to blatantly steal a term from [personal profile] java_fiend , my Shangri-La.  It was a four hour drive from my brother's house to my friends.  AND if my brain had been working properly, I could have saved myself the trip I took on the first full day, to check my belongings in storage, since I had to drive through that town on my way.  *headdesk*
When I arrived on my friend's family property (which is extensive) I was officially greeted by a limousine, several in fact.

That's right, they raise Limousine cattle!!! LOL!!

After getting my stuff into the house, my friend and I went to the 'lighthouse' that is what the family call the house which is down the dirt road from my friends, no body lives there, but  it is where the 'gator' is parked and since we were going to cruise around the ranch, it's best to do it in the gator.  When we got there J's (J is my friend, by the way) mom was there relaxing.  So she was there to take our picture before we went out on our highly unsuccessful photo safari.

In the back of the gator is Margaret, J's dog.  Here's a better photo where you can see her whole self.

And off we went, in search of wildlife and other lovely things. 

A post which serves no purpose. 

We hadn't gone very far when J screamed (you have to scream to be heard over the Gator) "Is that a bluebonnet?"  Since it was far too late in the year for bluebonnets (Texas' state flower) I thought she was seeing things, but no, it really was a bluebonnet.  Not the most robust one ever, but it made me smile.

After we stopped and Margaret ran around a bit, she had 'collected' some crunchies on her leg.  I have no idea what the real name for these is, but they are very prevalent in the area.  They are not much fun to brush out either.

After seeing not one bit of legitimate wildlife (which is unheard of), we went into to town to J's parent's house.  We were going to trade her car for her dad's truck so we could go out again later in the day.  They had recently had some rain which made a fantastic large puddle in their backyard.

After getting back out to the ranch, we went out again, this time in the much quieter truck.  Since J saw me taking a picture of a post earlier, she showed me to the cow's favorite post.  They have rubbed up against this post so much, they've worn it smooth.

About driving in the country in Texas, there is much gate opening to be done.  If you aren't driving, you are in charge of gate opening.  Which, if one is wise, stomping about as loudly as possible, making much ruckus, is very important.  Why?  Rattlesnakes.  We got to one gate & I noticed it had an additional ornament.

Once again we didn't see any wildlife, but the sunset wasn't at all bad.


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