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Picture heavy!  In which I finally finish boring you all with the pictures from my trip, well over a month after getting back home.
The next day was my only full day at my friend J's place.  I would be flying out the next day.  We once again went out trying to catch some wildlife photos.  Of course, the  lovely Margaret accompanied us in the truck.

We didn't see much in the way of wildlife, just a hare a.k.a. in the local vernacular Jack Rabbit.

Remember me mentioning the necessity of tromping around loudly when getting out of the truck to open and shut the gates?  Well, it really is necessary.  Luckily this was as close to a rattler as I saw!

Some not so wild life.

Why a llama?  He is there to protect the goats from predators, and he does a great job!

Here he is with his charges.

Look, they want to help me close the gate.

After the disappointing wildlife showing, we went into town to, um, to, ah...I can't come up with a legitimate sounding errand, we just went into town for one purpose only.

Yes, that is a Sonic lime slush I'm drinking, why do you ask?

On the way back to J's we stopped at the light house because her mom wanted me to take a picture of this.
Pretty, isn't it?

Right before we got back to J's house, we finally saw some deer, but they didn't hang around long.

We spent a lazy afternoon around her house.  My friend is a great potter (at least I think so) and this is one of my favorites that she's thrown.

She does her potting at her house, but her painting she does in town.  A good friend of her's was an artist and after she passed, her family let J take over her studio and they also let her keep some of Francis' art as well.  So here are some of  Francis' sculptures which J keeps in her house.

In her front yard she has a great desert willow tree, and I was so happy to see one still had a blossom on it.

The mountain laurel is heavily laden with seed pods and also has a great spider's web on it as well.

In her side yard, she has a water trough-let and we had some visitors.  Male Cardinal.

Painted Bunting -  Which I just learned, according to avibase is at Near Threatened status.

It really was extraordinary to see so little wildlife, J even agreed that they must all be hiding from the camera, since she'd never seen such a dearth of wildlife.  I didn't even see a scorpion or a wild turkey, I've ALWAYS  seen one of each of those

The next morning it was time for my trip back home, which consisted of a 5 hour drive to the airport then a 4 hour flight and then a two hour drive from Seattle to my house.  On my way off the property I had to take a picture of some prickly pear cactus.  It's such a Texas thing.

Would you believe as I had almost got to the paved road, I finally got to see a glimpse of Mama S's (J's mother) black buck.  She has a herd of them on their ranch for, um, well, to hunt, that's really their purpose.  But they are cool looking, unfortunately I only saw does, and not a buck with their amazing antlers, but still, it was wildlife!!!

I was driving to the airport and came across this, only in Texas can you see a man riding his horse through a drive through beer store!

And I'm not entirely sure it should be allowed even in Texas.

Some sort of museum airplanes at a roadside attraction.

At the rental car building, I saw this and thought, "Great, let's make sure we perpetuate the myth that all Texans are cowboys."

I got to the airport in time to have one last meal of Mexican food, and an appropriate beverage to accompany it.

On the plane, I had my Professionals DVDs with me, so I watched three episodes, not a bad way to spend a longish flight.  But I had enough time to take a few pictures out of the plane window.

When I got home, I sort of collapsed for a week, or two.

Thanks for looking through all my photos!!!


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