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Just a quick ranty type thing.  I'm sort of in charge of tag maintenance over at [ profile] 100_snapshots  and thanks to [ profile] trishtrash , I now know how to delete the tags which are entered by users which are no longer valid, or when two words or more get strung together. 

Anyway, I was catching up this morning and saw a tag which I just had to (out of pure spite) delete.  A little over a year ago the stepson came to visit, well, mostly he was dumping the car we cosigned for when he was in this country, before he fled back to Italy.  While he was here, he does what he always does when he is with us.  He is so charming that we (mostly just me) believe him when he says he'll keep in touch, or finish out a project.  He seemed to be really interested in the [ profile] 100_snapshots  community, so while he was here he signed up and posted an entry over there.  It was, of course, the only entry he ever made there.  See the entry here.  So, as I was going through the tags, I noticed his user id tag, and I deleted it.  It made me very happy, is that wrong???  And besides, he didn't even take the picture, I did.

Okay, I'm done.


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