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2) Stale - The cropped corn stalks are stale.  This photo has been cropped and resized, but even so, the full size image is still fairly clear.

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The hubby left ridiculously early Sunday morning to spend two fun filled weeks in El Paso learning how to gather his intelligence, or organize it, or handle informants, or some such thing.  Soooo, I've had the last two days to myself.  I got a bit of actual writing done today, not much, but it's a start and very encouraging since I have been more stumped with my fan fiction story than I have ever been, and I have promised myself I'll finish it up before I start working on my NaNoWriMo from last year.  It's really rather weird not having to do anything or get anything ready for G, truly bizarre.  Fergus the cats and I have had two very lazy days. 

My new camera came today (the pictures in this post were taken on the old one)  and I've futzed around with it, I think I am going to really like it!  I'm doing a weekly scavenger hunt over on flickr and some of this weeks words have me at a loss, but I'm sure the new toy will help the ideas flow.  I've decided I am going to catch up with a bit of my friend's page at a time and it is really rather a unique thing for me to have late night hours all to myself to play with the computer or whatever else I want to do.

On to the photos!
Warning, these might be considered gross by some people, just thought you should be warned.

Colorless and Growth )
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Warning: Slightly Morbid Set

Words: 26, Against: 42, Sweet: 57, Rose: 75, Lose

Morbidity Warning )
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First things first; I have the best f-list on the planet.  You have all been so amazing and wonderfully supportive.  I will get around to responding to everyone, eventually.  I get a bit done and then get overwhelmed and have to stop. 
This picture is going to be the first (I think) of all my photos to have a person in it.  It's definitely the first to have a family member in the photo.

Loss... )


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