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You guessed it, another Pros post.  Episode just watched: Where the Jungle Ends.  First things first, I'll never play darts with Bodie, ever! There's nothing more effective than a daring, efficient bank robbery pulled off strictly to make a point!  When you add to that fighter jets and parachuting bad guys, life doesn't get much better.  So, I figured out Bodie was in the Army (or some other branch of the military), which is nice to know since they've already established Doyle was with the police prior to CI-5.  I like learning more about the Lads.  Not only did this episode have all the other wonderful things mentioned above, it had...wait for it...bad guys riding motorcycles in the middle of a stream and one of them had plutonium strapped to his back!

I was worried about poor Cowley, being impaled then falling all that way.  But I should have known better, he's a brilliant man.  Who else would have the presence of mind to explode the abandoned motor bikes to get rid of his pursuer!!  And then, at the end, Bodie and the evil Hercule Poirot pummeling each other until Bodie comes out of the bushes looking like, well, like he just had a big fight.  Of course there's the classic line at the end, "You should see the other guy."

Geez, I really am enjoying this show.  Now I can't wait for more of them to arrive and I definitely think I'll be watching another episode today.  The hubby is at work and I wrote 850 words of my next chapter before I settled in to watch the Lads, so I've been very good.  All that good work deserves another treat.


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