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I just spent about an hour over at the desk pic community.  It was way too much fun.  I really enjoyed getting a glimpse into other peoples lives and what better way to do so.  One's desk is so personal.  What's really odd is that when I am writing I sit in a large leather chair with my feet propped up on a matching ottoman, the reason this is odd is in my house there are no less than 3 proper desks.  The desk in our office holds the desktop computer, the computer I use for my non writing activities.  The desk in our library is actually a family heirloom (and quite possibly the heaviest desk on the planet).  It is set up with a retro motif, old typewriter, desk blotter and antique telephone.  The desk in our parlor is a slant top captain's desk which my grandfather built for my mother.  On it rests our guest book.  Since most people no longer use personal guest books, it is mostly empty.
Since I joined LJ very recently, I haven't explored much on the site.  After all the fun I had at the desk picture community, I'm off to explore and see what else I can find.  And yes, I'm ignoring the chapter of fan fiction I'm working on.  I think it's done, but I have to let it stew for awhile, and this is much more fun than vacuuming!


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