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Ypee! The Mavs won!!!  So now they are only down 2-1 to the Hornets.  Not only did they win, Devin Harris was there, and they interviewed him.  Gee, I miss him!!!

Go Mavs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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My computer and I went through a trial separation earlier today.  My latest chapter of my current ST Voyager fan fiction is just not working.  I have started the stupid thing three separate times, and they were all garbage.  So, in order to avoid costly and possible permanent damage to my computer (caused by me throwing it against the wall in frustration), I decided to go and watch a bit of TV.  Waiting for me on Tivo was yesterday's Mavs game.  Well, that didn't help my frustration level, stupid freakin' Phoenix Suns!   So, by this point I was too annoyed to relax, so I decided my agitation could use a dose of DaVinci's Inquest, and that helped.

Anyway, after watching Dominic and his team solve a couple of puzzles, I could once again think clearly.   Not clearly enough to concentrate on my chapter, but enough to decide I need to vent about the recent blocked trade (hence the title of this post).  On I was reading about the trade being blocked by Devean George, and there was a comment posted asking, "Am I the only one who thinks Devean George did the Mavs a favor?"  Well, I have never signed up to be able to post comments on ESPN because the conversations there seem to descend to name calling, anarchy and rudeness in general.  So, in my typically convoluted thinking, I'm going to answer that question here.  And the answer is -  No, you aren't the only one.  (This is where the rant part starts)  What the heck are they thinking?  Devin Harris, Devean George, Jerry Stackhouse,  and DeSagana Diop for Jason Kidd and somebody else???? Are you serious???? Big mistake, huge mistake, stupid with a capital stew.  What idiot thought this trade up?  Why in the wide, wide, world of sports would the Mavs even consider this trade??  Sure, Jason Kidd, proven player, blah, blah, blah... he is a proven player, but at 34 he's no spring chicken (in NBA terms, of course).  Devin Harris is the future!  He is an amazing player with potential out the ears!!  The other players the Mavs were (and truth be told, still are) considering trading away are no slouches themselves. 

Of course, this is the Mavs we're talking about...they don't have the best record when it comes to trades.  Sam Perkins for what, a pair of dirty socks?  (Okay so they lost him to free agency, but it still ticks me off!)  Detlef Schrempf for Herb Williams for crying out loud!!!!  And don't get me started on Mark Aguirre for Adrian freakin' Dantley  Grrrrrrr!!!!  These are the same Mavs who at one time traded away a really bright young player (I don't remember what for) by the name of Jason Kidd.  BUT that was over ten years ago, TEN!

I'm sure the boneheads in charge will one way or another make this idiotic trade happen, but I really wish it wouldn't.  I know, trades are a part of the game, but I really think the Mavs would do better to reconsider this one altogether.  It's just, well, a really, really bad idea!!!

I feel better now!


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