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Picture heavy!  In which I finally finish boring you all with the pictures from my trip, well over a month after getting back home.
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I am still waaaaayyyy behind on my LJ-ing, but it's getting a bit better. 
When last we left off, the wedding had concluded, now it was time for the reception!!!

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This post is dedicated to my adorable niece who was the flower girl at my other niece's wedding.

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Among the things I found in the brother & sister in laws stash of stuff from my Grandma's house were some old framed photos from Egypt.  Since I plan to redecorate our bedroom and change the art in there with photography, I snagged them!  I went to the local post office to send them home, along with some snapshots which were my Moms.  So I was out and about that morning.

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Having caught up with 2 LJ Communities and a few personal journals of my f-list (if I haven't yet caught up with yours, I will be soon) I can now spam (or bore) you all with another post about my trip.

I  promised you people, this post is nothing BUT people!!! So, feel free to ignore the people.

Warning: This is long and boring!!!

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Having slept comfortably in the guest room of my brother and sister-in-laws house (the room, which in the previous post was decorated with bows, lots of bows), I went to the kitchen to get a beverage to help wake up.  I had plans for the morning but wanted to see what was on the schedule for the day.  It was fairly obvious there were many things yet to do, if the post-it notes were any indication.

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First things first...I apologize for not being up to date on my flist journals.  Between my trip, the fact that my deskpic community was spotlighted and the Star Trek community being in overdrive since the movie came out, my flist's individual posts have been somewhat overwhelmed.  I vow to get caught up in the next few days, as soon as Mr. Mav starts his work week tomorrow afternoon.

Now on to the trip photos.

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