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A couple of pictures with my new macro (and 1 digi).
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I was so happy, the camera works!!  Apparently the failing seal on the back of the camera isn't totally shot.
I've only scanned one of the pictures.  It is of a bud (blossom?) on one of our hazelnut trees.

When I first joined the 100 Snapshots community and saw one of the words was poetry, I was furious with myself.  Just a week before I had painted over the top rail of my back yard fence.  Before I painted it over (because some of the rails had to be replace and the ones which fell off were put in the wrong place) I had painted two of my favorite poems on them.  I just found a picture of what it looked like before I painted it.  I am going to redo the poems when it gets warmer and drier, but wanted to post a picture of what it looked like before.

I'm still way behind, and plan to catch up with my friends page later today or tomorrow.

My new toy

Mar. 26th, 2008 03:08 pm
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I finally received the new macro lens for my 35mm camera!  Since my main Canon AE-1 has the 300mm and 2X multiplier attached to it, and is on the tripod, I stuck it on to my Canon AE-1 Program which we aren't positive works.  There is a question about the seal on the back of this camera.  Anyway, I ran outside and finished up a roll started on Easter, by taking photos of blossoms on four of the trees in our front yard.  I'm not going to load another roll into the AE-1 P until I know if it works.  Now all I have to do is wait until it's developed!  Hopefully the shots will be good and I'll have something to share soon!


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