Dec. 1st, 2008 09:30 pm
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So, November is over and as you can see from my icon, I 'won' NaNoWriMo for the second year in a row (the only two years I've participated).  Unlike last year, my 50,000 words this year are complete and total garbage.  I mean bad with a capital BA.  But, I did it, so that's an accomplishment at least.

Other than NaNo, I've been busy working with the Fergus, he is having a few behavioral issues, nothing too serious, so we are going through some remedial training and he is responding well, it is just very time consuming.  He is definitely worth it though, he is one smart puppy (who, me biased?).

Also, I've been keeping up with the tagging of the new entries on [livejournal.com profile] 100_snapshots , I've just not been able to work on the backlog, I'm now only slightly over a year behind.  And yes, I actually volunteered for this lunatic mission.

My inbox is hopelessly flooded, so if I don't get around to some of my responding duties, it isn't because I don't care, I just am totally overwhelmed (which isn't very hard to do). 

Once I get caught up on some things, I intend to not only doing my [livejournal.com profile] 100_snapshots  tagging, but get to work on finishing list 2 and am patiently waiting for list 3.  Also finish off my Animal 100 list.

During November I've been reading Harry Potter, again.  I can't do a major writing project and read something new at the same time.  When I finish the series I am going to read (for the first time in my life, believe it or not) the whole Hobbit/Lord of the Rings thing.  I've only seen the movies once, and figured it is about time I caught up with the rest of the planet.

Now for the most important post NaNo chore, I intend to spend tomorrow watching all the episodes I missed for the Global Pros Watch.  Just imagine, 5 hours of basking in the Lad's awesomeness!!!  What bliss!

For Christmas the hubby and I are, as are many people in the current economic climate, scaling back on our gift giving.  Besides, Fergus is our 'official' present to each other.  I have decided that buying 'art' will be our treat.  I've ordered a few small things from ImageKind, from a certain artist who shall remain nameless, and a small Degas print to go in our (okay, my) ballet themed guest room.

Thanksgiving was odd this year, in the past, even though I've been far from my family, I could always call Grandma's house and talk to everyone; Grandma, Aunt, Brothers, Sisters-in-law, cousins, etc.  This year, since Grandma passed away in January, I had to call each of them individually.  Also adding to the bizarre Thanksgiving vibe, the hubby had to work late the night before and early the morning after Thanksgiving, so we just stuck around the house and did nothing.  As a result, I'm feeling a bit disconnected from the families, very weird.

Anyway, I'll get around to responding and commenting on my f-list...eventually.  Thanks for being patient with my slacking self.


Nov. 5th, 2007 12:34 am
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Only 4 days into my first NaNoWriMo I'm besieged with doubt.  Granted my writing is nothing more than a glorified hobby for me, but it is something I have stuck with for quite awhile.  Tonight I am having what seems to me a crippling bout of doubt and I have no idea where it came from. 
Okay, so my plot isn't very original, but I like it.  A couple renovating the house which they just bought find a diary hidden below the floorboards of one of the bedrooms.  It's written by a girl who feels compelled to write a history of the house and property.  She does it because her tyrannical grandfather has just killed her brother and passed it off as suicide.  She is basically convinced he will end up killing her as well, so she wants to get in writing the truth about her brother and the long history of illegal activities centered around the house, which is on the US/Canadian border in Washington state.
The problem is this, I actually know the ending of the story, and have written the first 6000 words, but I have no idea if I can fill in the middle section of the story.  I don't know enough about illegal activities to make it believable.  Darn it, if only I had been a delinquent! 
No seriously, I think this could develop into a major problem. 


Oct. 26th, 2007 09:56 pm
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I've done it, signed up for my first NaNoWriMo!  I even have a story idea.  It's something I have been thinking of writing for some time and I hope I can finish the entire 50,000 words in a month.  Since I first heard about this, I have wanted to try it. 

In order to clear my schedule for this marathon event, I intend to wrap up my current story of my Star Trek fan fiction.  I am close to the end of this set of chapters, but right now, it is floundering.  Seriously floundering.  I have two versions of the next chapter, over 700 words each of complete and total garbage.  I can't seem to realize the idea running around in my head.  Maybe in the middle of the night inspiration will strike and I can finish it.  Fingers crossed!


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