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2) Stale - The cropped corn stalks are stale.  This photo has been cropped and resized, but even so, the full size image is still fairly clear.

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I'm making my way through the 100_Snapshots list of animal photos, so I can concentrate more fully on the second list.

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Terror might be a bit of an over exaggeration, but not by much.  Saturday is the niece's wedding and in a fit of (to borrow a phrase from Nero Wolfe) nincompoopery I agreed to be my father-in-law's minion.  He is an excellent photographer, even did some work for UPI at one time, and used to shoot the Seahawk's games (American Football).  So, needless to say, he is going to do beautiful work.  BUT, what the h-e-double-hockey-sticks was I thinking???  It would be one thing if I was just to be the back up photographer (and for the actual wedding, I will be, whew), but I have to do the pre-wedding girly type stuff on my own!  Yikes! The hair fixing photos, the getting make up on photos, the getting dressed photos, the photos of the dress, shoes, bouquet and all that stuff before we get to the point where Dad can take over.  I just don't want to totally screw this up.  The hubby is NOT helping by saying, "Dad always refused to do wedding photography because nobody ever likes their wedding photos."  Yeah, thanks, that's helping my nerves.  I've been slowly working myself into a state of near total panic! 

So, I've been a bit lax in my LJ-ing once again.  Once this event is over I will probably be able to relax a bit, but until then, I'm afraid I'll be a raving lunatic.  As long as I can make it through Saturday, I'll be fine.

Not to mention Saturday would have been Rochester's 6th birthday. 
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Warning: Slightly Morbid Set

Words: 26, Against: 42, Sweet: 57, Rose: 75, Lose

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Fergus had his first appointment with our Vet yesterday.  All the staff at the vet's gushed over him.  He was exactly 11 weeks old and weighed 31.5 pounds (14.3 kg), and the vet pronounced him fit.  As we were leaving, G had taken Fergus out to the car and the vet's wife was in the reception area (her salon, which I frequent, is in the same parking lot) upon seeing me she asked, "Where's the puppy?"  I told her and she rushed out to see the puppy.  See, he's already getting famous!

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First things first; I have the best f-list on the planet.  You have all been so amazing and wonderfully supportive.  I will get around to responding to everyone, eventually.  I get a bit done and then get overwhelmed and have to stop. 
This picture is going to be the first (I think) of all my photos to have a person in it.  It's definitely the first to have a family member in the photo.

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These were all taken with my Canon AE-1 at Spokane's Riverfront park.  I'm going to another park today there should be many flowers at today's park, and I'll try not to get distracted by the birds.

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Tomorrow I leave for our brief trip to Spokane, and since we will be there for their annual lilac festival, and they have an arboretum, riverfront and a tropical conservatory, I am expecting to make great headway on my 2 lists.

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Having caught up with my friends page, yep, I'm the one who clogged up your inbox, and got some writing done, I feel guilt free in posting my last group of the 100 Snaps (not the animal version).  So now, I'm only working on two photo lists now!

Click for larger versions.

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Find the previous posts here: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19
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Siince a new list has come out on the 100 Snapshots community I am going to move my Animal 100 posts to my journal.

These are based on the same words as my other group of photos, but the subjects are animals rather than anything.

My first posts are here:
Post 1
Post 2
Post 3
Post 4

Follow the cut for the new pictures. 

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I'm still way behind on my friends list, way, way, way, behind.

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A couple of pictures with my new macro (and 1 digi).

My new toy

Mar. 26th, 2008 03:08 pm
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I finally received the new macro lens for my 35mm camera!  Since my main Canon AE-1 has the 300mm and 2X multiplier attached to it, and is on the tripod, I stuck it on to my Canon AE-1 Program which we aren't positive works.  There is a question about the seal on the back of this camera.  Anyway, I ran outside and finished up a roll started on Easter, by taking photos of blossoms on four of the trees in our front yard.  I'm not going to load another roll into the AE-1 P until I know if it works.  Now all I have to do is wait until it's developed!  Hopefully the shots will be good and I'll have something to share soon!
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Unlike the last time, I am not attempting to limit myself to photos taken on our property. 

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Sometimes watching obscure old game shows pays off!

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If you are squeamish, eating, or considering eating in the next hour or so -  DO NOT CLICK!
I'm serious!

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Only slightly.  This one was finally obliging enough to be in one of MY trees, saving me the trouble of actually leaving my property to find him.

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I took a quick trip into town to pick up a package and send some CDs filled with the slides I recently scanned, all family photos.  Of course I took my camera with me.

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Just as a reminder, I finished my original set of 100 pictures at the end of October.  However, I still find myself taking photos based on the prompts.

Under the cut are: blue, shadow, chase, chair, colorless...


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