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I am aware that I've not been very active in the last week or so here on LJ.  My mood regarding the stepson has continued, and at this point I am just waiting for him to call and say he's on his way back to Italy.  Of course, I am going to have to meet him in Dallas to take possession of the car we foolishly co-signed for (come to find out we weren't really co-signing, but the loan is in the hubby's name).  Why did we cosign?  Well, given his past fits, we felt we couldn't even appear to not be in complete support of his most recent "plan."  Oh well, lesson learned, again.  At least my daughter will get a new car out of the deal.  She is still driving the car we gave her for high school graduation in May 2003.

There are a few pictures here, but I don't think there are too many to make it unwieldy for dial up.  If you want to see the  pictures bigger, click once for bigger, or twice for even bigger.

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For the last several days, I have been in a funk.  I only realized how serious it was when I found myself speed watching the Mavericks game.
I haven't felt like writing, taking pictures, working or cleaning house (okay, I never feel like cleaning house!) or anything else.  Realizing the last several evenings while the hubby has been at work, I have actually occupied my time watching TV for hours at a time, I made the decision, it is time to get myself busy doing fun things again!

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The one problem with my silo series (wherein I take photos of the silo throughout the day to track the changes) is the fact it's winter in the Pacific Northwest.  In other words, there are a lot of gray, rainy day pictures without much change in them.  Finally we have had a few days with some change appropriate for this post.  Once again, I totally stole this idea from[personal profile] rosie55, she is so smart!!


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