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As I've mentioned many times before, Fergus is having a tough time teething.  When two of his baby canine teeth refused to fall out when the adult teeth came in (for over a week), I decided to see what the Vet recommended.  So, he was to have some teeth extracted, he ended up needing 5 baby teeth removed.  The vet was so happy we went ahead and had this done because the baby teeth not falling out thing isn't too uncommon and if not taken care of can cause big problems later. 

Since he was there and going to be sedated, they did the x-ray testing for hip dysplasia and the Vet thinks he will be just fine.  He wants to test him again at 1 & 2 years old, but if they stay as they are, he should be fine!!!  This is HUGE good news!  Rochester was in pain from fairly early on because of his hips, I'm so glad Fergus might be spared some of this! 

He is very sleepy and still has painful gums, but he'll FINALLY be past the teething stage!!!!  Yipee!

He sat in the front seat all the way home, and when I got out and went around to let him out of the car, he tried a new trick.

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The hubby left ridiculously early Sunday morning to spend two fun filled weeks in El Paso learning how to gather his intelligence, or organize it, or handle informants, or some such thing.  Soooo, I've had the last two days to myself.  I got a bit of actual writing done today, not much, but it's a start and very encouraging since I have been more stumped with my fan fiction story than I have ever been, and I have promised myself I'll finish it up before I start working on my NaNoWriMo from last year.  It's really rather weird not having to do anything or get anything ready for G, truly bizarre.  Fergus the cats and I have had two very lazy days. 

My new camera came today (the pictures in this post were taken on the old one)  and I've futzed around with it, I think I am going to really like it!  I'm doing a weekly scavenger hunt over on flickr and some of this weeks words have me at a loss, but I'm sure the new toy will help the ideas flow.  I've decided I am going to catch up with a bit of my friend's page at a time and it is really rather a unique thing for me to have late night hours all to myself to play with the computer or whatever else I want to do.

On to the photos!
Warning, these might be considered gross by some people, just thought you should be warned.

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