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I am still waaaaayyyy behind on my LJ-ing, but it's getting a bit better. 
When last we left off, the wedding had concluded, now it was time for the reception!!!

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This post is dedicated to my adorable niece who was the flower girl at my other niece's wedding.

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Among the things I found in the brother & sister in laws stash of stuff from my Grandma's house were some old framed photos from Egypt.  Since I plan to redecorate our bedroom and change the art in there with photography, I snagged them!  I went to the local post office to send them home, along with some snapshots which were my Moms.  So I was out and about that morning.

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Having slept comfortably in the guest room of my brother and sister-in-laws house (the room, which in the previous post was decorated with bows, lots of bows), I went to the kitchen to get a beverage to help wake up.  I had plans for the morning but wanted to see what was on the schedule for the day.  It was fairly obvious there were many things yet to do, if the post-it notes were any indication.

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First things first...I apologize for not being up to date on my flist journals.  Between my trip, the fact that my deskpic community was spotlighted and the Star Trek community being in overdrive since the movie came out, my flist's individual posts have been somewhat overwhelmed.  I vow to get caught up in the next few days, as soon as Mr. Mav starts his work week tomorrow afternoon.

Now on to the trip photos.

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I'll admit it, I was engaged in some serious NaNoWriMo avoidance.  The 250 words I wrote this morning were extremely lame & I was stopped cold.  It was time for some serious internet goofing off.  I decided to do a little google searching for obscure stuff.  I've done this before and found a photo of my grandpa when he was in high school once upon a time. 
I did several variations of a certain subject and the first two pages of each search didn't produce anything related to what I was looking for and realized, that is just wrong.  Sure, it happened before the internet was everywhere, it happened in a small town, but it still happened.

My muse has decided before I write another NaNo word, I HAVE to write this, and you know the muse will not be ignored.  It starts my first year of college, the school year 1982/83.  I was at a small extremely remote college and made some really good friends.  Even though I grew up in Dallas, I didn't know how to two-step.  My boyfriend (we'll call him buddy 1) tried to teach me, but wasn't successful.  He turned the task over to his best friend, Todd Franklin.  Todd was a great teacher and I was soon able to dance with buddy 1.  I always made it a point to dance at least one dance with Todd, he was a good dancer and should always be out dancing.

Todd was tall, gangly, shy and had the biggest, goofiest grin I've ever seen.  He had a very gentle disposition and was very kind.  Anyway, the school year ended and we all scattered to our respective home towns for the summer break and assumed we'd see each other in August.
I got the phone call in the middle of the day, buddy 1 was on the other end of the phone, but he had to tell me who it was, his voice was very strange.  Completely unlike him.  The story came out in short bursts.  Todd and another friend from the same town who also went to the same college (we'll call him buddy 2) went out the night before.  Buddy 1 couldn't go with them, I forget why.  Anyway, they got their trucks stuck in mud, or something, and tried to get a ride back to town.  I don't know what happened next, I don't really ever want to know, but after it happened, buddy 2 had fled to find help.  Buddy 2 had been stabbed on his face and the back of one of his hands.  Todd had been stabbed under his arm, and I think he probably thought he'd just sit next to the tree until he felt better.   He bled to death.  There was a search for him when he never made it home.  Unfortunately, buddy 1 and his dad were the ones to find him up against a tree. 

I had never seen a dead person before, but at the funeral, I had to go up to the casket and say my goodbye.  His neck was at an odd angle, and it has taken years to replace that picture in my mind when I think of him, with the one of a living breathing laughing sweet young man.  Over the next year, a few more details were somewhat filled in.  I heard them second hand, and didn't ask for clarification at the time.  It was far too painful a topic to bring up among our group.  For some reason, I think (and I could be entirely wrong here) suspicion was on buddy 2 as the possible culprit.  Of course he didn't do it, I didn't need anyone to tell me that.  I think the murderer may have gotten away with it, if one of the passengers of the car hadn't come forward and told the story.

I think he made a plea agreement, he served far too few years for his crime, but at least he served some.  Like I said, I didn't ask for details.  I remember when news of the verdict or whatever it's called, came to us.  Buddy 2, when he heard about it, threw his glass of whatever he had (plastic glass of coke or probably pepsi), into the sink from across the kitchen.  He stormed out of the house and drove off.  I remember wondering if someone should go after him, or let him have his solitude.

If this had happened recently, I'm sure there would have been an internet memorial for the victim of this brutal murder, but it happened too long ago.  The only thing to show he ever lived (besides public records and in the memories of friends and family) is a rose colored piece of marble in a cemetery off Ranch Road 12 in Dripping Springs, Texas announcing his name, birth date, and date of death.  Dates I don't remember anymore. 

I didn't think that was sufficient for him.  So this is my own little memorial for Todd Franklin.  The picture is the only one I have of him.  If by any fluke anyone who has pictures or memories of Todd finds my little memorial, please add them.

I know it's not much, but it's something.


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