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It's now obvious my new set of "The Professionals" DVDs were put together by drunken monkeys.  Yesterday I popped in Disc one, and watched what they called 'Mission 1,' and episode titled " Old Dog with New Tricks" assuming it was the first episode aired.  An email from my Pros mentor mentioned my next episode should be "The Female Factor," it wasn't the second episode on my first disc.  My curiosity was engaged at this point, so I did some checking.  The episode I watched yesterday was the THIRD episode in the series.  What the heck is going on here?

So, after I checked with two sources, IMDB and a site recommended by the aforementioned Pros mentor, I got the proper sequence of episodes, as they were originally aired.  So, my new plan (which is a neat bit of rationalization which completely circumvents my only one episode a day philosophy) is to start over properly.  Today I'll watch the correct first episode (the one I should have watched yesterday), and the correct second episode, which was on the agenda for today.  Then tomorrow, I'll watch the correct third episode (the one I've already watched) and be caught up.

Isn't it nifty, how I've talked myself into being able to watch two today???
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Finally, there is a mere hint of Spring.  I've been very carefully taking photos of almost all of our trees for [profile] scene_again.  It's been rather dull, only very tight little buds on all of them, but today, I found this on our very young maple tree.

Signs of life!!!! I know, it isn't much, but at least it's something.

Next bit of randomness, the last time I took eagle pictures with my digital, I also took 2 rolls with my 35mm.  Yesterday I scanned the negatives.  Here is one of those pictures.  I took this with a 300mm lens and a 2X multiplier. 

Those are the only two pictures, so no LJ cut today.

And finally... I have to pace myself.  I only have Series one so far, the rest of the DVDs will have to be purchased as I can afford them, so I have to limit myself.  Only one episode at a time.  I watched my first episode of The Professionals today and have to force myself not to watch another episode until tomorrow.  My first thought, well, men's pants may have been worn a bit tight in 1977, I must say, it's preferable, in my opinion, to the current baggy pants trend.  Doyle and Bodie, well, I love them.  Men of action, driving fast and blowing up grenades!  Not to mention slashing women's shirts!  Fantastic!!  I really want to watch the next episode, NOW!!!  But no, I must wait, sigh....

Thanks [personal profile] rosie55, now I have a new obsession!!!!!!!!!!


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