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2) Stale - The cropped corn stalks are stale.  This photo has been cropped and resized, but even so, the full size image is still fairly clear.

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I'm making my way through the 100_Snapshots list of animal photos, so I can concentrate more fully on the second list.

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Fergus had his first appointment with our Vet yesterday.  All the staff at the vet's gushed over him.  He was exactly 11 weeks old and weighed 31.5 pounds (14.3 kg), and the vet pronounced him fit.  As we were leaving, G had taken Fergus out to the car and the vet's wife was in the reception area (her salon, which I frequent, is in the same parking lot) upon seeing me she asked, "Where's the puppy?"  I told her and she rushed out to see the puppy.  See, he's already getting famous!

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First things first; I have the best f-list on the planet.  You have all been so amazing and wonderfully supportive.  I will get around to responding to everyone, eventually.  I get a bit done and then get overwhelmed and have to stop. 
This picture is going to be the first (I think) of all my photos to have a person in it.  It's definitely the first to have a family member in the photo.

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I'm still way behind on my friends list, way, way, way, behind.

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If you are squeamish, eating, or considering eating in the next hour or so -  DO NOT CLICK!
I'm serious!

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Here are three more of my extra set of the 100_Snapshots pictures I've taken since completing the challenge.


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