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These are some of the pictures I've taken for my set of photos based the first list over on [ profile] 100_snapshots , using animals as the subjects.

There are a LOT of photos in this set, I mean, a LOT!

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The hubby left ridiculously early Sunday morning to spend two fun filled weeks in El Paso learning how to gather his intelligence, or organize it, or handle informants, or some such thing.  Soooo, I've had the last two days to myself.  I got a bit of actual writing done today, not much, but it's a start and very encouraging since I have been more stumped with my fan fiction story than I have ever been, and I have promised myself I'll finish it up before I start working on my NaNoWriMo from last year.  It's really rather weird not having to do anything or get anything ready for G, truly bizarre.  Fergus the cats and I have had two very lazy days. 

My new camera came today (the pictures in this post were taken on the old one)  and I've futzed around with it, I think I am going to really like it!  I'm doing a weekly scavenger hunt over on flickr and some of this weeks words have me at a loss, but I'm sure the new toy will help the ideas flow.  I've decided I am going to catch up with a bit of my friend's page at a time and it is really rather a unique thing for me to have late night hours all to myself to play with the computer or whatever else I want to do.

On to the photos!
Warning, these might be considered gross by some people, just thought you should be warned.

Colorless and Growth )
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Warning: Slightly Morbid Set

Words: 26, Against: 42, Sweet: 57, Rose: 75, Lose

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These were all taken with my Canon AE-1 at Spokane's Riverfront park.  I'm going to another park today there should be many flowers at today's park, and I'll try not to get distracted by the birds.

Feathered, Concrete, Stand )
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Tomorrow I leave for our brief trip to Spokane, and since we will be there for their annual lilac festival, and they have an arboretum, riverfront and a tropical conservatory, I am expecting to make great headway on my 2 lists.

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Having caught up with my friends page, yep, I'm the one who clogged up your inbox, and got some writing done, I feel guilt free in posting my last group of the 100 Snaps (not the animal version).  So now, I'm only working on two photo lists now!

Click for larger versions.

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Find the previous posts here: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19
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Siince a new list has come out on the 100 Snapshots community I am going to move my Animal 100 posts to my journal.

These are based on the same words as my other group of photos, but the subjects are animals rather than anything.

My first posts are here:
Post 1
Post 2
Post 3
Post 4

Follow the cut for the new pictures. 

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 Before we get to the photos, I had to mention an article I found in two papers.  I generally leave odd news bits to my friend [personal profile] java_fiend, as he does it so well, but I couldn't pass on mentioning this one.  From Texas, my home state, you know the motto, every thing's bigger in Texas, including the idiots.    So, a young man strolls into a bank and tries to CASH a check for $360 BILLION dollars!  Since the police confiscated a small amount of marijuana on the man, I can only assume he had smoked the larger quantity before he tried his stupid crime.  Oddly, the bank tellers were suspicious from the get go.  I mean seriously, if I ever considered trying to cash a forged check, I'd try a more reasonable sum, you know, like only $360 MILLION dollars.  The one unanswered question I have, did the account from which he tried to steal even HAVE $360 billion?

Now, to the photos.  I only have 11 to go in this set.

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Two more photos, only 15 to go (on this list).

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Well, the hubby is out of town until Saturday.  I've done some calculations and in order to accomplish everything on my to do list in the next three and a half days, I'd have to stay awake 24 hours a day.  So, my to do list must be culled.  Now, which of the many ambitious projects on my list should I omit?  Hmmm,  let me think... I choose, housework!  I would much rather spend my hours of leisure writing and catching up with my LJ-ing and Flickr-ing.  The priority must be writing, since I've not written a word in over a week.  Why? Because I've been helping the hubby get ready for his trip to Georgia.  He has been completely unenthusiastic about this trip, which has made preparing for said trip less than joyful.

I have started my 100 Animal Snapshots list on the [profile] 100_snapshots community, and am trying to clear this second list.  So, there are nine photos in this set.

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Just a quick post before the weekend (the weekend around here is dictated by G's days off, which are Sunday and Monday).  We'll be getting ready for G to be gone this next week, during which time I expect to get much done, including catching up on my LJ-ing.  But, until he is gone, I will not have a great deal of free time.  :-(

Click to see bigger versions.  There are fourteen pictures under the cut.

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I am trying to finish up my second round of the 100 Snapshots challenge so that I may copy [personal profile] jaelle_n_gilla and do a completely different set using only animals (no doubt using Rochester and the cats quite heavily).  But first I want to finish this group.  I have a rather large group today, 13 photos in all.  As always, clicking once makes the photo bigger and twice even bigger.
I have to get cracking and start taking 35mm photos as I am supposed to have some in class on Tuesday!
The hubby is going to be away next week, and I anticipate getting tons accomplished while he is gone, including getting caught up on my f-list, [profile] scene_again, and other LJ stuff.

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More photos of my second round of the 100 Snapshots challenge.

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First things first, I am SOOOO behind on catching up on my friends page, it may be a few days before I get caught up, sorry!

I haven't done one of these in a while, but since I took so many pictures on Easter, combined with the ones I had already taken, it was time for another photo post!

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Unlike the last time, I am not attempting to limit myself to photos taken on our property. 

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Sometimes watching obscure old game shows pays off!

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Just as a reminder, I finished my original set of 100 pictures at the end of October.  However, I still find myself taking photos based on the prompts.

Under the cut are: blue, shadow, chase, chair, colorless...

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Follow the cut for some more photos based on the word prompts from [profile] 100_snapshots.


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