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The hubby is going to a meeting on Tuesday and since it is rather far away (not really, but it is not too close either) he is going there today and returning Wednesday.  So, once again I get a little mini-holiday.  Although we are not allowed to both go in his patrol vehicle, I'll be accompanying him, in his car (his car just got a tune up & we're dropping mine off on the way).  We'll be taking the North Cascades Highway and there should be plenty of gorgeous scenery on the way.  How many cameras am I taking?  Three!  Our ultimate destination (from what I've been able to determine from the research I've done) has many places for some good bird watching.  So, while the hubby is meeting with the RCMP, I'll be either bird watching or going to one of the desert cultural centres, I haven't decided which yet.   Sooooo, I'm off to Osoyoos, BC later today!!


So, I was all excited for the Season Opener of the Seahawks.  I was hoping they would lift me out of the sporting miasma of misery which the Mariner's have sunk me (and most of the Pacific Northwest) of late.  It's too early for basketball, but I do love my Seahawks.  I knew we were in trouble before the game started due to the fact that most of our starting receivers were out due to injury.  Also our starting quarterback was having pain and tightness in his back.  But I still thought they would make a good game of it.  *Gaghh, headdesk*

I still don't understand (probably because I've never been a coach in the NFL) why the heck after the hideous first half when it was OBVIOUS Hasselbeck's timing wasn't so good with the second string receivers (only Nate Burleson caught his passes) they didn't do one of two things.
1) Let Seneca Wallace take the snaps and give Hasselbeck's back time to rest (since he was getting pummeled all day). Especially since Seneca is used to throwing to the receiver's they had to use.  Even more so after Nate Burleson left the game with an injury.
2) Let Charlie Fry take the snaps and put Seneca Wallace in to receive.  I personally love it when Seneca is used as a receiver.

But, well, to make a long, miserable story, longer and more miserable, we watched the whole entire effin' game waiting for something to happen.  It did, the Bills trounced the 'Hawks and it was just so sad.  BUT next week, we return to Qwest, the home of the 12th Man!!!!

Go 'Hawks!!  
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I couldn't believe it.  We couldn't watch the entire game, we gave up before halftime, something we NEVER do.  It was just too painful to watch.  The Seahawks were getting their hineys kicked by the Saints.  It was just too much after losing Mack Strong to retirement earlier in the week.  The best part of the game was when they showed Mr. Strong raising the flag before the game started.  After that, it was all downhill. 

We Tivo the game every week, and watch it without commercials.  I don't know how we ever sat through the endless, inane commercials which are a part of American sports telecasts.  I did, however, the next day speed watch the game so I could see Seneca Wallace's 29 yard reception.  I like it when they use Seneca as a receiver, and I have no idea why! 

My husband reminded me that prior to the Super Bowl year, we were thrilled if the Seahawks went 8-8 for the season.  It's true, we always considered an 8-8 season as a success.  Getting into the Super Bowl has raised our expectations to unreasonable levels.  We are talking about the Seahawks after all.


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